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The importance of breakfast: at Boffenigo, every morning is magical

More and more studies show the importance of breakfast, a essential meal for the health of children and adults alike, and an opportunity to experiment with new and tasty recipes! To start your day with determination, you need just the right amount of energy that only a nutritious breakfast can give. Skipping breakfast can lead to drowsiness, difficulty to concentrate and low blood sugar. 

Unfortunately, our rushed lives, dictated by work and personal commitments of all kinds, can make us bad-tempered and unable to find time for the most important things, including breakfast. However, the first meal of the day gives us all the energy we need to begin to face the morning’s activities, enhancing our intellectual and physical performance over the following hours, and improving the overall nutritional quality of our diet!

So, while at home, in rushing to get to work, you may be used to having coffee on the move, but, on holiday, breakfast can bring that touch of magic to the start of your day. And even if you usually make do with nothing for breakfast, on holiday, you finally have time to enjoy all manner of pastries, biscuits, jams and juices.


At Boffenigo, we know how important breakfast is, but, above all, how delicious it can be thanks to genuine, fresh and craft-made products, ideal for starting off every day with a smile! Well, what delicacies can you enjoy on waking up in our hotel?

Just imagine it, in the middle of the hotel’s panoramic terrace is a kiosk where our cooks can prepare you an omelette to order. Add to the aroma of freshly cooked eggs, and the sizzle of the pans, the scent of freshly baked, homemade bread, pastries and croissants, and of a nice hot cappuccino waiting for you. 

And this is just a start. Breakfast at Boffenigo also means fresh jams, fruit tarts, yoghurt, cereals, fruit juices and a selection of cold cuts and cheeses for lovers of more savoury breakfasts. Our chefs are also extremely attentive to guests with food allergies and intolerances: all you have to do is choose!

Choose between sweet or savoury, Anglo-Saxon style or Italian. Your favourite breakfast is waiting for you at Boffenigo!
You'll see, you won’t be able to live without it ... not even at home.  


Regularity: a healthy breakfast should be consumed every day, on a regular basis. 

Completeness: it must include milk or dairy products, cereals, fresh fruit or juice. 

Variety: just like the other meals of the day, breakfast must have as varied a composition as possible, according to a combination of different food choices, tastes and current preferences. 

Balance: according to healthy diet guidelines, an adequate breakfast must contribute around 15 to 20% of total daily calories.  

Pleasantness: it must be gratifying in terms of taste and appearance, especially for children, and allow a few minutes of peace and calm at the beginning of the day.
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