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Let’s meet Vanessa, our Guest Experience Manager

As anticipated by the owner Enrico Padovani, from this year a new hospitality figure was born at Boffenigo: the Guest Experience Manager
Who is she? Loyal customers, but also those who have only stayed once at Boffenigo, certainly remember it. None cannot forget his smile, his spontaneity, his authentic availability.
We're talking about Vanessa
Determined and available, she loves our guests and it is appropriate to say that the reception is part of her DNA. Curious and smiling, she knows the territory perfectly and all its peculiarities. Despite being young, he has been with B Family for many years and is in the heart of all the guests who have stayed here. For her, hospitality is a world to be discovered every day. She dreams a hotel where everyone, but everyone is happy.

Let’s go to know her a little better, we met her and asked her some questions ...
Hi Vanessa! Tell us a little about yourself. What, for example, is the main trait of your character?
Availability and strength.
What do you love about your work?

Feel customers at ease and amaze them with our hospitality
What do you hate about your job?
I believe nothing ...
What you value most in your employees
understanding that others need
The defect that you can't stand in others
Your main flaw
If you didn't perform the job you were doing, what role would you like to play in the hotel?
The maintainer
The environment you prefer in the structure where you work
Everything, but especially where you see the lake
The best moment of your working day
The arrival of customers 
If your job was a movie, what movie would it be?
"Into the wild" with Sean Penn
The book on the bedside table
I have more than one, but now I'm reading "The poignant work of a formidable genius" by Dave Eggers
Your dream in the drawer
Help those in need
What do you notice first when you enter a hotel
Ambient light and smiles
What should not miss in a hotel to make you a satisfied guest?
The cordiality
What is your favorite vacation location?
Everywhere: there is always something to discover!
Which country would you like to live in?
In a better Italy. But if I had to leave, I would choose Mexico.
Working with you is ...
If you hadn't chosen this job, what would you have done in life?
The tourist guide
Who is your hero?
Whoever rises from adversity every day.
What are the essential qualities to do your job?
Sacrifice, English and German language, availability, smile, communication and collaboration
What do you hate most?
Arrivism and falsehood.
What would you say to a young person who intends to take up your profession?
Opens your mind and it's almost like traveling by working
Can you describe the hotel of your dreams?
A hotel where everyone, employees, guests and owners are happy. How nice it would be!
What do you expect from the hotel you work in?
Good organization and everything works perfectly.
They say about you ...
I know how to solve guest problems ϑ
You wake up at ninety years and ...
I thank my lucky stars for feeling good!
Your motto
The glass must always be half full ... even for me.
Strength and courage!

Good job Vanessa

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