Lake Garda

Art, culture and natural beauty: all the charm of a wonderful area.

Discover the Garda area. From art to leisure, culture to sport, museums to nature trails, everything you need to know about our wonderful area.

Lake Garda:

in search of the products of land and water

Getting to know an area also means discovering its food and wine, linked to the land and the culinary and cultural traditions of its people. The particular geography of the area around Lake Garda results in a fusion of mediterranean and alpine flavours, combined with the aromas and tastes of olive oil and fish. 

The very presence of the Lake has since ancient times ensured an enormously important revenue from fishing, with over thirty different species of fish.


Silence is a sound. A sound that excludes all that disturbs us, so we can enjoy what makes us feel good.  Whether it's the sound of water, birdsong or the train of one's own thoughts. Sometimes losing contact with the rest of the world can restore the body, mind and spirit. Immerse yourself in the silence of mountain tracks, disconnect from the everyday hustle and admire the spectacular sights that nature lays out before you.

Lake sport and surfing

Let the water and wind guide you. On Lake Garda windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, canoeing and other water sports can be practised all year round, thanks to the mild climate and the well-equipped state-of-the-art schools and facilities. The stunning scenery around the lake makes them even more attractive. 

The wind in your face and your eyes on the wonderful landscape. At Boffenigo Small&Beautiful you can store your surfboards and other equipment, and our staff are always on hand to provide all kinds of information and advice.  And that's not all... there's also Dona Laura.

Dona Laura is the private boat of the Padovani family, made available to guests for trips on Lake Garda.  In the summer season our tour starts at Bardolino and heads towards Garda, passing the beautiful inlet of Punta San Vigilio, and crossing the Baia delle Sirene.

A stop for a relaxing swim in the middle of the lake, a toast on board with sparkling wine and finger buffet, and back to Bardolino. The tour takes about 2 hours.  Not to be missed!

D’Annunzio's Vittoriale

Gabriele D’Annunzio, Italian writer, dramatist, poet and symbol of Decadentism, spent the last 17 years of his life at Lake Garda, within the walls of his House-Museum.
The love this poet felt for the scenery of Lake Garda can be found in the brief verses he wrote on 4th September 17 during a flight over the lake: "All is blue, like a sudden intoxication, like a head which leans back to receive a deep kiss.  The lake is unspeakably beautiful".

The Forts of Monte Brione

Brione is a promontory overlooking the waters of Lake Garda at its northernmost point, between Torbole and Riva.

This natural panoramic platform, known for the breathtaking views it commands, was formerly an important venue for the Austro-Hungarian military, which constructed a series of fortifications here, today a significant cultural site.

Autumn excursions

Valeggio sul Mincio and the Giardino Sigurtà Park

An intact medieval town of rare beauty: Valeggio sul Mincio is a delightful town in the province of Verona. In the late Middle Ages, together with nearby Borghetto, the town became an important strategic point between the Veronese Scaligeri nobility, the Gonzaga family from Mantua and the Milanese Viscontis.


one of Lake Garda's most important attractions

Lake Garda is home to numerous theme parks, ideal destinations for adults and children or teenagers looking for a pleasant day out. The choice is wide in this area; in fact there are theme parks, water parks and natural parks, all located along the shoreline or nearby.

Travel advice:

two places to visit during your holidays

Among the countless natural, architectural and archaeological attractions in the area surrounding Lake Garda, two places recommended to visit during your time in this land are undoubtedly Scaligero Castle in Malcesine and the Garda Thermal Park.

Torri del Benaco Castle

In Torri del Benaco, a few kilometres from Costermano, stands the Castle of the Scaglieri family. Its origins are thought to date back to Roman times, because of the design of the west tower; different from the other two towers, this was built by a Roman legion who established a castrum here in the first century BC. BC.

The other parts of the castle, however, were built in the early 10th century AD at the behest of Berengar I, king of Italy, who ordered the restoration of the castle walls to defend the town from the marauding Hungarians. Remains of the walls can still be seen between the Garda road and the old town centre.

Parco Natura Viva

Nature is always an unexpected and marvellous show, which can thrill and fascinate, whatever the season. Learning about animals and their habitats is important, as it teaches adults and children how vital it is to safeguard and protect biodiversity.  

To this end, even during the coldest months of January and February, the Parco Natura Viva in Bussolengo, not far from Lake Garda, offers visitors an extensive programme which includes encounters with staff, storytelling and the preparation of snacks, to help take care of the animals.